Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How Well Do You Know Your City Squad?

A quick quiz to ease those close season blues

   To get you through the off season, I’ve compiled a little Bradford City-based quiz. Below are some random body parts of members of the 2012/13 team, and your task is to identify as many players as you can just from the feature shown. For example:

(not a player, but simply invaluable this season)

   That's obviously Phil Parkinson, below. You get the idea.

   My brother scored 8 / 11 - see if you can beat him!
   Good luck!












Don't be fooled by number one's smile. Reidy will tear you apart. Again.

He’s the no-nonsense midfielder who helped E.T. phone home, can do a wheelie on a unicycle and once unscrambled an egg – according to the Twitter fact page, at least. Nathan Doyle was number two.

No teething problems for this player, who slotted right into the defence. Number three was Carl McHugh.

Player number four certainly nose where the back of the net is - it's Alan Connell.

I ear he's an absolute rock at centre back - number five was Rory McArdle.

Number six was Will Atkinson. Half a point if you put Messi - it's an easy mistake to make.

Tat’s Michael Nelson.

 Eye used to work at the Co-op! League Cup hero James Hanson was number eight on the list. 

The full back's goal proved rather handy at booking the Bantams a place in the fourth round of the League Cup - Stephen Darby.

His cool head kept out penalties from Arsenal and Wigan players this season –  Matt Duke was number ten.

Legs 11 was Garry Thompson.

How did you do? Tweet me your score.

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