Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Swings and Roundabouts

Back To Winning Ways? If Only It Were That Simple.

It was a night of mixed emotions, as City fought for three points
   Everyone knew that the Plymouth game was going to be a big one. At this point in the season, promotion dreams are often made or shattered, and you begin to get a bit of an idea about who may be grabbing the golden tickets to the above division. With City falling to seventh after the Exeter tie, the need to get three points was extra prominent.
   James Meredith and Stephen Derby made their much-anticipated returns, and both provided solid performances for the duration of the game. Derby put in some superb challenges and seemed composed on the ball, whilst Meredith created a number of chances in the box and threatened regularly, with his crosses.
   Wells seemed to be bearing the brunt of the hectic match schedule, lacking the speed and desire that he usually shows. If I was Parkinson, I’d be tempted to give him a rest for the Bristol Rovers game, and start Connell up front.
   The biggest blow of the night was undoubtedly John Egan’s injury. The defender-on loan from Sunderland-clattered to the floor after 13 minutes, and let out screams of agony as the medical team rushed to see to his twisted leg.
   At first, it was suspected that he’d sustained damage to his fibula and tibia, but, as the night went on, there was talk of a broken leg. Either way, it’s a huge blow, and is another addition to the already lengthy casualty list.
   The sad irony about Egan’s injury is that, when you go up for a header, your biggest worry is hurting your head and face, rather than your leg. Unfortunately for Egan, it was the latter that would prove the most problematic.
   In terms of the league table, it was job done. Other results fell in City’s favour, meaning that we’re just one point outside of the automatic promotion places. However, the cost was high: another member of the defence bit the dust, and there’s now an even greater urgency to bring in as many loan players as possible.
   Are we back on the rails? Who knows? Only time will tell. What is for certain, though, is this: if we want our promotion chances to improve, we need to buck the injury trend that’s suddenly developing at Bradford City.

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